Integrated & transparent
sustainability management

We enable businesses to reach climate neutrality by making sustainability accounting and management as integrated, transparent and verifiable as financial accounting.

Tanso Enables Industrial Companies to Reach Their Sustainability Goals

We enable industrial manufacturers to fully comply with their sustainability reporting obligations to customers and regulators and to take climate action.

Automated Reporting Workflows
End-to-end Sustainability Management
Internal and External Data Request Management
Full Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Our Whitepaper (German Only)

Sustainability management in industrial companies is gaining more and more importance. Investors, regulators and the public are increasingly pressuring organizations to report their double materiality. You are interested in understanding how you can gain a competitive advanatage today and lower costs and efforts in the long term? You are interested in understanding why in the long run transparency and understanding of your sustainability data will be the basis for maintaining competiveness? The answers to that and more, you will find in our whitepaper: "The EU CSRD and data-driven sustainability management".

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