Carbon Accounting and Management for Industrial Companies

Automate processes in carbon accounting and build the analytical basis for effective emission reduction.


Who is Tanso?

Your #1 software partner on your decarbonization journey

We support you in all steps along your data-driven carbon management process, so that you can realise competitive advantages and lower costs

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Gather data

Automate gathering and importing scope 1-3 data (e.g. facility management, procurement or logistics data) across departments and locations.
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Calculate your emissions

Let the Tanso software calculate your emissions. Choose the right emission factors from our database, or create your own supplier-specific factors.
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Understand your emissions

Gain an overview of your emissions and identify hotspots. Understand at a glance where in your organisation emissions concentrate and where reductions are possible.
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Reduce your footprint

Develop your overarching data-driven decarbonisation strategy and track your progress in Tanso.
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Communicate your results

With standard-compliant numbers (GHG Protocol, GRI, ISO 14064 and more) you can now meet stakeholder as well as regulatory climate disclosure requirements and communicate your success.

Why are we doing what we're doing?

We're supporting industrial SMEs to actively reduce their emissions


Building a decarbonized industry

Without a question, industrial SMEs are the backbone of Germany's economy. These corporations are major contributors to not only Europe's wealth. Only together with them, we can tackle one of the biggest societal challenges: the climate crisis. We at Tanso want to do our part by supporting these companies in this sustainable transformation. Because we understand the specific challenges that industrial SMEs are facing.

We shed light into the darkness

One of the biggest challenges of this transformation is the transparency of emissions. Manual processes and little data centralization lead to high efforts and make it difficult to develop a data-driven decarbonization strategy. Tanso sheds light into the darkness by automating processes in carbon accounting and building the data foundation that is necessary for effective emission reduction. Building on this companies can actively manage their carbon footprint and develop crucial competitive advantages.

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