VDMA members can calculate their Product Carbon Footprints with Tanso’s PCF STARTER

Tanso · 12/14/2022
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Tanso is launching a PCF calculator (”PCF STARTER”) in collaboration with VDMA

The pressure to decarbonize faced by industrial companies is growing rapidly as environment-related corporate disclosures including carbon emissions data on Scope 1-3 are requested from regulators and customers, and manufacturing companies are responsible for ~30% of Germany's CO2 emissions.

However, current carbon accounting processes, especially on product-level data collection, are considered by the concerned companies as inaccessible due to financial and time constraints as well as unclear processes.

Tanso and the VDMA are therefore collaborating to provide a time- and cost-efficient solution for industrial companies willing to improve the granularity of their current CO2-calculations, or willing to get started.

What is the PCF STARTER?

PCF STARTER is a calculator making it possible to quickly and easily create the initial calculation of a specific product’s carbon footprint.

How does it work?

The calculation refers to the cradle-to-gate phase in the product life cycle and includes top-down allocated emissions from energy consumption in production, bottom-up emissions on a material basis, and a surcharge factor for transport.

PCF STARTER is optimized for the calculation of the carbon footprints of products with energy and raw material as the main source of emissions. It is developed in accordance with the VDMA PCF Standard and ISO 14067 but is not standalone certifiable and serves as the first step toward a full PCF.

What are the benefits?

The assessment made by using the PCF STARTER can be used as a basis for customer communication and for identifying emission hotspots in production. Additional benefits include:

  • Fast and simplified calculation of an initial PCF
  • Support in identifying emission hotspots in production
  • PCF certificate incl. data quality score
  • Optional breakdown of data quality
  • Accompanying manual based on the standard sheet

Who is it for?

The PCF STARTER is aimed at all companies willing to calculate an initial assessment of the carbon footprints of their products. VDMA members can use the PCF STARTER software for free.

How and when to access it?

PCF STARTER will be available to VDMA members starting April 26th 2023. The official launch will happen on that same day during VDMA’s Summit in Frankfurt.

Sign up to the user waitlist in the following link starting today to get early access by end of January already.

About VDMA

VDMA is the largest network non-profit organization for mechanical engineering companies, including over 3’500 members in Germany and Europe. It represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of the industry in Germany and around the world.

About Tanso Technologies

Tanso Technologies GmbH (”Tanso”) is a software company based in Munich, developing solutions that support carbon accounting, target setting, and decarbonization for industrial companies, in sub-sectors including mechanical & plant engineering, automotive, or metal processing.

The Tanso software platform is an end-to-end CO2-Accounting and -Management software, creating the analytical basis for effective reductions. Tanso is an official VDMA member, and part of the Expert Group to set the standard for PCF calculations.

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Gyri Reiersen, Tanso Co-Founder & CPO


Hannah Lena Harlos, VDMA Policy Advisor, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability


tel: +49 69 6603-1287

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