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Carbon Footprint Calculation

With our CO2 calculator, you’re laying the foundation for your decarbonization initiatives.

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Gather data

Set up your account and profile in minutes and define scope and boundaries of your carbon inventory. Gather the needed data across departments and locations - either through simple data request forms or through raw data uploads from excel/csv files. Or use our API to make processing large data sets even easier.

Cloud-based collaboration across the enterprise
Intuitive project management through clear responsibilities
Easy processing of large amounts of data
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Calculate emissions

Calculate your direct and indirect carbon footprint (Scope 1-3) in our web-app. Use the Tanso emission factor database or create your own supplier-specific factors to get even more precise values.

Automated calculation of your carbon footprint
Access to all public emission factors (incl. D-BEIS/ DEFRA, ProBas, EPA)
Designed for producing companies

Actively manage your measures

Decarbonisation Management

Building up on the data basis, you'll understand your organization's emissions and will be able to define the right measures, track your progress and communicate it.

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Understand your emissions

Analyze your emissions by product group, location, supplier or department and identify emissions hotspots. With Tanso Analytics, you can understand where emissions concentrate in your organization and have targeted discussions with locations and departments.

Transparency across all emissions
Breakdown by key segments
Identification of hotspots
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Reduce your footprint

Develop your data-driven decarbonization strategy. Set your emissions targets and track your progress. Plan decarbonization initiatives and compare target setting against science-based-targets (SBTi) standards.

More capacity for value-adding activities
Clear goal setting according to SBTi
Simple progress control
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Communicate your results

Communicate your progress and report your carbon footprint according to common standards (GHG Protocol, GRI, ISO, etc.) to customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Creation of report-ready figures at the push of a button
Compliance with established standards (GHG Protocol, GRI or ISO 14064)
Always up to date

Industry focus

From the industry, for the industry

Through our clear focus on manufacturing companies, Tanso addresses the specific needs of the industry. Our focus industries:

Plant manufacturing
Automotive supplier industry
Metal processing
Parts manufacturing
Electrical industry

We understand your challenges

for ESG and Sustainability Teams
Complex data collection and calculation tie up critical resources
Tanso simplifies data collection and emissions calculation through process automation, Excel/CSV uploads, our API and a single-source-of-truth approach
Selecting and managing appropriate emission factors is challenging and prone to errors
Select up-to-date factors from Tanso's emission factor database or create your own supplier-specific factors
Turning raw data into report-compliant numbers takes a lot of time
The Tanso software automatically calculates standard-compliant emission values as the basis for your reporting, freeing up capacity for value-added activities
for CEO / Board of Directors
The importance of sustainability is increasing for different stakeholders along the supply chain, making it a strategic issue
Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and create the transparency demanded by customers and the labor market
A rapidly evolving regulatory environment requires flexibility and can present both risks and opportunities in a competitive landscape
Tanso helps you stay up to date with the latest regulations (GRI, CSRD, ...) and future-proofs your organization
Companies often lack the data to effectively identify, prioritize, and implement reduction measures to gain competitive advantage
Tanso's single-source-of-truth approach and automated processes make decision-making more efficient, help monitor progress, and improve ROI on sustainability decisions

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We are working closely with the leaders in industry, innovation and sustainability

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